Oil and Gas Reality Check 2014

A look at the top issues facing the oil and gas sector

Deloitte’s Global Energy & Resources group is delighted to introduce its 2014 report which focuses on five of the primary challenges impacting the oil and gas sector globally, and provides our view of the direction which these trends will follow.

The 2014 Oil & Gas Reality Check report focuses on expansion and contraction on a number of fronts: the waxing and waning of dominance among suppliers; the progression into globalization from regionalization in energy markets; the growing shares of some fuels and the declining roles of others in the global energy mix; and, the opening and closing of borders in response to geopolitical concerns.

The report outlines five key issues as follows:

  • Global energy – North American revolution
  • Energy supplies – New sources, new geopolitics
  • Energy mix – A change in the global order
  • Energy production – Oil and gas megaprojects call for new project management strategies
  • Energy nationalism – Driven by greed, fear and pride 
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