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Reigniting growth

Advanced Materials Systems

The development of functional solutions to address current global unmet needs and wants is opening unique opportunities to deliver growth and profitability to shareholders and to differentiate against competition with new, unique, and protectable offerings. This comes at a time when the materials and chemicals industries are in need of approaches to reignite growth after some decades of volatile returns.

Reigniting growth: Advanced Materials Systems describes a new approach for manufacturing sectors to pursue opportunities in large markets, enabled by materials technologies, wherein innovation moves beyond the frontier of new molecules and materials.

This approach, called Advanced Materials Systems, or AMS, has the potential to enable growth, value creation, and innovation renewal by delivering functional solutions to markets and customers that desire or require those solutions. The AMS framework calls for leveraging inventive combinations of materials, process technologies, business models, partnerships, and collaborations. The key insight is that global megatrends have opened up significant opportunities to capture value in new markets through functional solutions and that these solutions are achievable through systems-level engineering versus discovery of new molecules and materials. This study is a call to action for players in the AMS ecosystem, across a variety of industries and points along the value chain, to create and capture value in a complex, evolving landscape.

Reigniting Growth:Advanced Materials Systems
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