The Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2013

Procurement’s relevance as the economy returns to growth

The Deloitte CPO Global Survey report presents the findings from our 2013 survey, comprising of over 180 responses across 18 countries. The participants have a combined turnover of US$2.7 trillion across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia, and cover all major industry groups.

The Survey continues to be a benchmark indicator of Procurement sentiment, tracking key  indictors such as CPOs perception of cost, supply market and price volatility.

Our report explores:

  • View from the market: How CPOs are dealing with the current economic situation and what this effect this has on the market.
  • Business partnering: How are  CPOs expected to deliver business value  and how far are they meeting these expectations?
  • Risk: How are CPOs reacting to the risk within the global supply chain?
  • Talent and capabilities: Do CPOs have the right teams with the right capabilities to fulfil business needs?
  • The digital age: How are CPOs investing in technology and analytics to aid their supply chain functions?
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