Government on the Go

Boosting public sector productivity by going mobile

A productivity gap has emerged between the public and private sectors—one widened by government's inability to dynamically absorb and capitalize on new technologies like we've seen in the private sector.

Mobile technology, a very powerful productivity booster, offers the public sector a chance to close this gap and hit the reset button.

It could not only improve internal communications and access to information within public agencies, but also enable government to fully redesign service delivery by harnessing the power of citizens as co-creators.

Mobile presents a unique opportunity to drive efficiency and productivity and—at the same time—create vast improvements in the services it provides citizens.

Gov on the go illustrates the potential value that mobile can generate for government. The report examines the key areas where mobile acts as an enabler of productivity for the public sector and discusses the steps for successfully implementing and adopting mobile technology to transform government's capabilities.

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