2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey

Cyber reality

Cyber has become foundational to business

How are organizations navigating the future and building trust in a world of doubt? The answer is cyber. The future of cyber is coming into sharper focus as organizations look beyond the tech-centric and threat focus toward positive outcomes that result from integrating cyber across the business.

Deloitte designed its 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey based on the complexity of today’s business and technology landscape, focusing on the needs of enterprise leaders who may recognize the importance of cyber yet struggle to harness its value. To accurately capture the increased impact that cyber has on businesses today, we surveyed more than 1,000 global c-suite executives at companies with over US $500 million in revenue across geographies and industries. Through both qualitative and quantitative research, executives share their views on cyber threats, enterprise activities, and the future.


Business impact

Cyber drives value across the enterprise

Cyber has become foundational to business. Just as cyber threats shifted from an IT problem to a business problem, we also now see a shift in cyber strategies from IT to the business—ultimately to support strategic business objectives and growth. And the connection between cyber and value—impact—is coming into sharper focus.


Business strategies driving success within the organization


Impact of cyber on business initiatives


Positive contributions realized from cyber initiatives


Transformation driver

Cyber is integral to digital business priorities

Cyber has become a differentiator for building and achieving important business strategies—and its importance in digital transformation priorities continues to grow. We asked executives how their organizations will prioritize transformation initiatives over the next 3 years—to identify which technologies were important to the organization and would, therefore, be considered as part of their future cyber strategies.


Learning from leaders

Highly mature organizations show the way forward

In today’s environment of heightened cyber importance, we drew from experience and survey data to segment respondents according to their cyber maturity. To identify the high performers who are shaping the future of cyber, we rated organizations based on three sets of leading practices: robust cyber planning across the business, key cyber activities, and effective board-level engagement. All three of these factors hinge on stakeholders recognizing the importance of cyber responsibility and involvement across the whole organization.


Alignment of organization's investments in cyber


Board's involvement in cyber related issues


Actions implemented to increase cyber and information security


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The future of cyber continues to evolve. How will you navigate an ever-changing cyber landscape—and lead your organization toward new business value? Contact us to explore additional Deloitte cyber insights and survey findings that can help you navigate the future with greater confidence.

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