Risk Advisory Service

Unpredictable Enterprise Risk. Conquer Risk with Holistic Risk Management!

As we continue to evolve our client into globally innovation through enterprise initiatives and our diversified growth strategy, we are devoted to continuously enhancing our capability to assist our client to identify, assess and mitigate all of the risks that they face with and, when possible, turn these challenges into a competitive advantage.

  • ERM will create a process for proactive risk management mechanism to prioritize the top risks facing the organization.
  • ERM will assist our clients to continuously allocate their resources to manage most critical risks by using an integrated method.
  • ERM will be designed to fit in our clients’ unique markets, organizations, values and strategies.


Recently, enterprises are facing external and internal challenges, such as supply chain risks from Japan 311 earthquake and flood in Thailand, and Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) compliance issues, and new competitors and industry evolution arisen from destructive innovation raises, etc. Consequently, the spectrums of impact are more intensive from the uncertainties of exterior and interior risk factors, the board members and management are more anxious about,

  • If employee have enough risk consciousness to identify and control the risk at the first moment?
  • If the risk management information is sufficient, accurate and timely for management decisions?
  • If the organization has sufficient competency and resource to manage and respond the exposed risk in a timely manner?

The major challenge that faces every business in risk management is that the risk is always diversified and invisible, which is difficult for the enterprise to identify and evaluate the impact as the risk rises initially. In the other hand, risk does not exist alone; it always derives other compound risk(s), which escalates the difficulty and complexity of risk management. Businesses expand speedily with fast re-organization pace and high employee turnover rate will make the culture of risk management is hard to inherit and develop further. Deloitte will facilitate our customers to establish and implement the holistic enterprise risk management mechanism, and continuously enhance their employee’s risk consciousness and management skill(s).

Advantage and service(s)  of  Deloitte Taiwan

Deloitte will utilize the Enterprise Risk Management framework to guide our customer(s) to steer the points-lines-planes of enterprise risk management system during the implementation journey. Through Deloitte Risk Intelligence Map and risk knowledgebase, we could show our customers the general risks from various aspects, such as governance, strategy and planning, infrastructure, innovation and growth, business operation, compliance and business reporting, as references and leading practice guides for building up a tailor-made risk radar screen and database.

In response to various enterprise risks, Deloitte Taiwan ERS team has provided our clients with professionals from management, financial accounting and IT advisory for many years. In order to fulfill any kind of demand for each enterprise in risk management, we dedicate ourselves to tailoring a holistic enterprise risk management system for our customers.

Service Item(s)

  • Evaluate and strengthen the maturity of enterprise risk management.
  • Implement the enterprise risk management system.
  • Diagnose and evaluate the enterprise risk.
  • Implement the key risk indicator system.
  • Implement enterprise risk management application system.
  • Deliver training on the enterprise risk management.


Chia-han Wu

Chia-han Wu

Risk Advisory Leader

Mr. Chia-han Wu has Information Security Experiences for 14 Years. Expert in practical application and RD in computer network, information security, computer crime area, e-commerce, network security, ... More