Audit Trail Logs Retention and Analysis Services

Discover problems in the unseen area, let the audit trail logs foretell your potential risk.

Service Introduction

Given the increasing number of information security incidents and IT fraud activities, some internal staffs access daily-using information systems to conduct unauthorized data modification only for personal interests, which will result in a negative influence on the organization. In order to recognize any possible frauds as early as possible, organizations should be able to identify and detect abnormal staff behaviors in the information environment then to reduce the negative impact on the business.

Deloitte’s Service and Advantage

We can assist companies to build from ground up, starting with environment assessment, confirming  the appropriateness of audit trail retention & management mechanism, and selecting audit logs management tools. We will advise the mechanism until it is ready for the operational phase, and allow enterprises to get a full range of consulting services.

We can also provide abnormal operation behavior analysis based on a variety of information environment, and assist to build alert rules for abnormal behaviors. Furthermore, we can establish  predictive models to detect abnormal behavior inside the system, based on the concept of the risk scoring model, and preset it with a risk dashboard, which achieves organizational risk management mechanism.

Service Items

  • Audit trail logs & digital evidence retention planning
  • Audit trail logs  solution(SIEM/LM/DAM, etc.) evaluation  & implementation
  • Audit trail logs retention gap analysis (including applications, server, database, OS and network security equipment)
  • Audit trail log s management standard and mechanism implementation
  • Abnormal behavior monitoring, analysis and alerting service
  • Enterprise-level audit trail logs total solution implementation


Chia-han Wu

Chia-han Wu

Risk Advisory Leader

Mr. Chia-han Wu has Information Security Experiences for 14 Years. Expert in practical application and RD in computer network, information security, computer crime area, e-commerce, network security, ... More