Hsienwei Chang

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Senior Attorney

Hsienwei Chang

20F, Taipei Nan Shan Plaza

No. 100, Songren Rd.,




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Hsienwei is an experienced lawyer with Legal & Compliance Service at Deloitte Taiwan. Hsienwei has been practicing law for 12 years and joined DTT Attorneys-at Law since 2008.

Hsienwei primarily focuses his career on civil and administrative law. Throughout his career, Hsienwei has represented his clients in tax dispute, labor law, government procurement law, Constitution, will,  administrative and corporate litigation.  Moreover, Hsienwei has extensive experience in regulatory compliance issues.

Recently Hsienwei concentrated his practice in Taiwan information Protection Act; He has assisted many banks and insurance companies to establish  an internal control system to comply with the regulatory requirements. In addition, Hsienwei  has joined the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) project managing team.

Hsienwei Chang