Kenny Hong

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Kenny Hong

20F, Taipei Nan Shan Plaza

No. 100, Songren Rd.,




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Mr. Kenny Hong is the Audit Function Head of Deloitte & Touche Taiwan. He received Master degree in Accountancy from SooChow University in 1992, and he obtained the Certified Public Accountant License R.O.C. in 1989.  Mr. Hong joined D&T in 1995 as an audit staff immediately after his graduation from University of Delaware, USA with a MBA degree.  In 1997, Mr. Hong was seconded to Deloitte & Touche San Francisco office, California, USA for an eighteen-month on-the-job training under the Strategic Career Development Program.  During his stay in the States, he passed the US CPA examination, and he was promoted as a partner in 2003.  From then on, he was responsible for the practice of Audit, Tax, Consultation and Investments to the companies in the Consumer & Industrial Produsts industry.  He has various experiences in assisting clients’ domestic IPO, he also helps Taiwanese companies to issue ECB overseas.  His dedication in providing outstanding servieces to the clients has won him a fine reputation in the industries.

Kenny Hong