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Before being appointed to the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court, Dr. Hsiung was a judge at the Taiwan Taipei District Court for 15 years. While being a district court judge, she was appointed to the Judicial Yuan, the highest judicial branch in Taiwan, for two years as a research judge for judicial policy-making, including the establishment of the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court. Also, she was selected by the Judicial Yuan to study abroad and chose to pursue her advanced law degrees in Berkeley Law for its prominence in IP field. She is a frequent speaker at various international conferences and actively publishes articles, book chapters and journal comments.

As a high court judge at the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court for more than 10 years, Dr. Hsiung has presided a wide range of IP related issues, especially in patent, trade mark, copyright and trade secrets for more than thousands cases. She is the most well-known patent judge in Taiwan. In addition to her adjudication work, her interest is in the comparison of international IP systems. She was a visiting judge at USPTO, ITC & CAFC in 2014. For the recent 10 years, as a frequent lecturer on IP at universities or judiciaries in the mainland china, she is an expert of Chinese IP law.

Sungmei Hsiung