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Currency restrictions re-extended

On 03 September 2015, the National Bank of Ukraine (hereinafter, the “NBU”) issued Decree No.581 which came into force on 04 September 2015. Decree No.581 re-extends the key currency restrictions previously imposed by Decree No. 354 dated 03 June 2015. 

7th September 2015

Ukrainian Parliament approved the Law “On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding the improvement of value added tax administration”

Adopted on 16 July 2015, this legislative act was intended to improve the electronic VAT administration system. Unfortunately, certain novelties may give rise to quite negative consequences.

29 July 2015

Important Changes to Transfer Pricing Legislation

Ukraine’s Parliament on 15 July 2015 approved a Law that introduces important changes to the transfer pricing rules in Ukraine. The changes generally are positive and aimed at eliminating errors and inaccuracies in the current version of the TP legislation. Presented below is a brief overview of the most important TP amendments.

16th July 2015

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