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Office in Kyiv

Business Center "Prime"

We are conveniently located in a historic district at 48, 50a Zhylyanska Street close to Taras Shevchenko Park, a nice place for a morning coffee or an afternoon walk.

Our office is the headquarters of the best team of professionals who help to drive transformation of the Ukrainian economy every day. If you come here, you will feel a special atmosphere where friendship and positive attitudes thrive. People with diverse backgrounds from all corners of the country, but with common aspirations and values, create this atmosphere.

In March 2017, our Deloitte Home was expanded with an additional floor where we embodied our daring dreams and created a truly innovative space for work and inspiration. This is Deloitte today. This is what we really are.

So come and stay ;)


48, 50A Zhylyanska Street 01033

Phone :
+380 (44) 490 90 00

Phone :
+380 (67) 498 91 92

Fax :
+380 (44) 490 90 01

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