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About us

Shared values

Bringing us together in pursuit of a common goal

Our values are more than just words, they are a way of life. It is our belief in collective power, aspiration for new knowledge and experience. Focus on a client, quality, and responsibility to each other. Promoting transparency and believing in positive intentions.


Making clear, transparent, consistent decisions. Keeping our reputation pristine
  1. We value our reputation more than immediate benefit
  2. We are against bribes
  3. We are independent and objective in our opinions
  4. We compete ethically
  5. We comply with Laws and internal Policies
  6. We behave honestly and sincerely

Service Excellence

Being genuinely interested in the Client, striving to satisfy the real need. Delivering service with quality and distinction
  1. We have a Big Why in mind
  2. We understand real needs and manage expectations
  3. We commit responsibly and get things done
  4. We deliver the best of Deloitte
  5. We own it


Service Excellence

Aspiration for Development

Striving for new knowledge, being open to new experience
  1. We learn and apply new knowledge
  2. We share experience and expertise
  3. We get value from lessons learnt and are committed to act
Прагнення розвитку

As One

Transforming individual actions into collective power
  1. We make commitment to each other
  2. We collaborate to make the firm succeed
  3. We use effectively our diversity and difference of opinion
  4. We celebrate success
  5. We act as a part of Deloitte Global team
Разом - як один!

Positive Attitude

Analyzing the past, focusing on the future, believing We Can
  1. We collaborate with empathy
  2. We search for constructive solutions instead of those to blame
  3. We focus on a positive side of each situation
  4. We thank for work done
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