Environment management services


Environment management services

Governments and companies in many countries are getting more and more involved in addressing environmental challenges, such as pollutants discharge, effective use of energy and other resources, implementation of the best available technologies to mitigate negative impact on the environment.

Deloitte has extensive experience working with governments and commercial organizations both in countries that have been tackling environmental problems for long such as the US, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, and in countries new to this area. Deloitte's fundamental advantage is the ability to engage for a particular project experts from different countries, with knowledge and experience of the best global environment management practices.

Deloitte Consulting offers a wide range of services to support our client's environmental efforts:

  • preparation of a sustainable development strategy;
  • development of specialized environmental strategies, including waste management, reduction of pollutant discharge, elimination of accumulated damage to the environment;
  • designing of an organizational structure and business processes necessary to effectively realize corporate environmental efforts;
  • optimization of a company's operations to reduce energy and other resource consumption and minimize impact on the environment;
  • due diligence of sustainable development projects, including waste management and implementation of the best available technologies.

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