Fraud Express Diagnostic


Fraud Express Diagnostic

Deloitte Forensic

We have developed a data mining tool which offers a fully automated 1C data analysis approach to identify suspicious transactions. This tool works with any 1C version regardless of data storage type (file or server database).

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"Optimism is a lack of information".

F.G. Ranevskaya


What we need

Our tool frees analysts of routine work, such as downloading data, developing test logic, and generating a report, and enables them to focus on analyzing identified risks and red flags in detail. If the 1C database covers several legal entities, we can conduct the analysis at the group or entity level.

Why Deloitte

Our team comprises specialists with extensive skills and experience in various professional areas, including accountants, economists, auditors, specialists in statistics, programmers, engineers and many others. We leveraged the combined experience of these professionals to create a library of more than 30 tests. We can develop additional bespoke tests to meet your specific needs.

External data sources

We enrich 1C system data with information from public domain information sources (such as SPARK, Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Central Bank of Russia, etc.), which enables us to identify certain specific risks that may exist in your business. The use of a large number of additional information resources simplifies the identification of bad faith and affiliated suppliers or counterparties with the highest level of risk, allowing you to make more sounds business decisions.

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