State of the art response to fraud

A serious fraud could have a major impact on your company, affecting stakeholder confidence, profitability, and maybe even the long-term health of your business. All fraud, whether by counterparties, management or employees, directly affects your bottom line. Suitably qualified forensic professionals are an essential tool to help you prevent and mitigate the risk of fraud.



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Fraud, illegal practices and unethical conduct can affect your finances and your reputation. To counter these risks, our team will undertake forensic and compliance reviews and investigations, designed to match your specific risk exposure, regardless of sector or jurisdiction.

As a Deloitte member firm, we have a global network of experienced investigators ready to provide worldwide support.

We offer the full range of forensic and dispute services, including:

  • Reviews and investigations
  • Dispute services
  • Capital projects
  • e-Discovery
  • Analytics

How we can help

We can help you manage and reduce the risks of fraud, strengthen compliance programmes and investigate potential cases of fraud and misconduct. Deloitte Forensic specialists have experience in the full range of forensic reviews and investigations. 

  • Fraud and accounting investigations
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption services
  • Business intelligence services
  • Anti-money laundering services
  • Fraud risk management/compliance

Reviews and investigations

Disputes can be complex and often involve substantial damages that need to be accurately quantified. You can rely on us in litigation and dispute environments, where an accurate and detailed estimate of potential losses is essential.

In addition we offer:

  • International arbitration and expert witness services
  • Business insurance claim services

Dispute Services

As much as 50% of your CAPEX invested in construction projects could be lost to fraud and conflict of interest. Our practical experience in nearly every aspect of construction, coupled with our forensic approach to project management helps our clients mitigate these risks through two key services:

Forensic Review of Capital Projects

Capital Project Management

Capital Projects

An entire business dispute, commercial investigation or litigation may hinge on identifying when a single piece of data was communicated, generated, altered or deleted, by and to whom, and under what circumstances. 

Deloitte Forensic can help you to address the technological challenges of today’s complex investigation and litigation environments. 


Reliable data is key to your business. Managed well, it will drive revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk. If managed poorly, you could lose customers, lose control of costs and expose your business to unquantifiable levels of risk.

By outsourcing your analytics, we can provide  you with quick, reliable results more cost-effectively. We can consolidate and integrate key internal and external data and deliver it back to you, providing business insights  in a clear and understandable format. We will work with you to determine which questions will help provide the answers to your biggest challenges, and identify and analyse the data that will get you there. Additionally, we provide technology-driven bespoke analytics services for 1C, SAP and GPS applications.



We have developed a data mining tool which offers a fully automated 1C data analysis approach to identify suspicious transactions. This tool works with any 1C version regardless of data storage type (file or server database).

Our tool frees an analyst of routine work, such as downloading data, development of test logic, testing and report generation, and enables them to focus on in-depth, detailed analysis of the identified fraud risks and red flags. If the 1C database covers several legal entities, we can run the analytics both for an individual company and the entire group.


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