Oil and Gas Reality Check 2013


Oil and Gas Reality Check 2014

A look at the top issues facing the oil and gas sector

Deloitte’s Global Energy & Resources group is delighted to introduce its 2014 report which focuses on five of the primary challenges impacting the oil and gas sector globally, and provides our view of the direction which these trends will follow.

Energy markets are reshaping the global geopolitical landscape

The 2014 Oil and Gas Reality Check takes an overarching view of five main topics impacting the oil and gas sector, and outlines the challenges each may present to industry participants and resource owners. While the reader may find some overlap with the topics presented in the 2013 edition of Reality Check, many of the implications and suppositions associated with this year’s themes are different, as another year has brought change to the industry fundamentals underlying each.

These fundamentals include macroeconomic conditions, the supply-demand balance, regulatory constructs, cost components, commodity prices, competitive behavior, and the impact of geopolitics, which is now even more pronounced, and the related use of energy as a diplomatic tool.

Issues covered in the report include:

  • Global energy – North American revolution
  • Energy supplies – New sources, new geopolitics
  • Energy mix – A change in the global order
  • Energy production – Oil and gas megaprojects call for new project management strategies
  • Energy nationalism – Driven by greed, fear, and pride
Oil and Gas Reality Check 2014

Oil and Gas Reality Check 2013

This report explores the industry fundamentals of each trend - the supply, demand, macroeconomic, regulatory, cost, price and competitive behavior factors – allowing us to draw insights and describe what may unfold over the short and the long-term.

  • Shale gas – a global or regional resource?
  • LNG pricing – the end of oil indexation?
  • Resource nationalism – entering a period of low tide?
  • NOCs – capturing the playing field
  • Managing market complexity
Oil and Gas Reality Check 2013
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