Ukraine - a Budding Destination for Your Shared Service Center

Practices of developing Global Shared Service Centers (hereinafter, SSCs) reveal a significant potential for Eastern and Central European countries, thus we have performed a research to compare the advantages of Ukraine against those countries.

In recent years, Ukraine has moved toward integration into the global economy, thus it signed the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, adopted a visa-free regime with the European Union (hereinafter, the EU) and entered into a free trade agreement with Canada.

Moreover, large international companies have started to establish its production sites in Ukraine. The country has succeeded significantly in the development of over 1,000 IT outsourcing companies that serve various North American and European companies and employ over 100,000 people. Yes, Ukraine has a vast untapped potential that is expected to be realized in the upcoming years.

Nonetheless, each country of Eastern and Central Europe offers its own advantages, and the choice of a right site location for SSC depends on the combination of criteria considered to be the most critical for each organization.

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