Maintenance process enhancement


Maintenance process enhancement

The efficiency of maintenance and repair management is a key issue for the majority of industrial enterprises.

In many cases, historically established maintenance and repair management systems, were designed for the guaranteed manufacture of centrally planned volumes with no regard to the costs involved ,and these are clearly unusable in a market economy.

During the implementation of performance optimization projects for both international and Russian companies, our team have established a new methodology for the improvement maintenance and repair management systems which has three consecutive stages:

  • Analysis of current problems and deviations from target maintenance and repair management system (benchmarking).
  • Development of t a target model for maintenance and repair (categorization of equipment, identification of maintenance and repair management strategy for each category, adaptation of processes, tools and organisational structure of company).
  • Implementation of target management model for maintenance and repair.

3 consecutive stages

Such a new maintenance and repair management system must cover various aspects of the company's operations; its creation must be based on innovative approaches to the differentiation of equipment and the creation of an organisational structure for your repair service.  Furthermore, a significant part of the maintenance and repair system involves new budgeting and planning processes, repair works, budget form templates and documents to record work completed as well as systems and processes for the management of spare parts and relationships with contractors.