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Practical Trading in Switzerland: Taxation and Insights on Trade Centers in Focus

The joint event held by Deloitte Ukraine, Deloitte Switzerland, and Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine

On 28 May 2021, Deloitte Ukraine, jointly with Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and Deloitte Switzerland, held an online seminar dedicated to the aspects of trading in Switzerland, with a focus on a specifics of taxation and doing business in certain international trade centers.

What we need to know about trading in Switzerland?

Switzerland is not just about taxes. It is about high-level requirements and, at the same time, respective market opportunities. This also includes real help offered by tax rulings, tax planning (reduced tax rates instead of preferential tax regimes), tax holidays, absence of the “controlled foreign company” rules, and other competitive advantages of the country. Furthermore, contrary to popular opinion, Switzerland offers an opportunity to hire personnel with different qualifications – depending on the specifics and the canton. And, of course, Switzerland offers access to financing and banks though subject to demanding requirements for you and your business.

The insights from Switzerland were shared by:

  • Marco Passalia, Secretary General of Lugano Commodity Trading, member of the Parliament, Canton of Ticino (Switzerland)
  • Ferdinando Mercuri, Partner at Deloitte Switzerland, International Tax Group
  • Valeriia Leshchenko, Managing Director of UMP TRADING SA
  • Vladyslav Viniarskyi, CFO, Allseeds Switzerland SA

Moderator: Natalia Rudenko, Senior Manager at Deloitte Ukraine, International Tax Group

Press contact:

Anastasiia Beheza
Senior PR Specialist
Deloitte Ukraine

The recording of this session is available on our YouTube channel:

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