Explore the Future of Government

By 2020, the world could look very different. How will government adapt to keep up with the needs of citizens? Gov2020 helps explore what is possible and what is probable for the future of government.

A journey into the Future of Government

As the saying goes, hindsight is 2020. But how different could our world be, if we could not only envision the future, but also prepare for it? Gov2020 helps leaders from across the private and public sectors make sense of the rapidly changing demographic, societal, economic, and technological trends shaping the future.

Gov2020: A Journey into the Future of Government

Gov2020 is the culmination of an extensive exploration of the drivers that are influencing the future of education, human services, defence, transportation and more and the impact those forces of change might have on government and society at large.

Gov2020: A Journey into the Future of Government

Gov2020 brings together in one easily navigable place a rich source of analysis, video and creative visualizations about the future of government. On the website you can explore: 

  • 39 drivers that will influence the way government operates and serves its citizens 
  • 194 trends that represent the shifts that are likely or at least possible by 2020 
  • 15 videos depicting major new developments, from the future of government work to the impact of 3D printing 
  • 15 infographics illustrating new capabilities like digital age transportation and a sensor-enabled world.
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