Audit and assurance services

Deloitte understands the real estate market and its unique peculiarities. So we are the best partner for construction and real estate companies to handle the various business issues.

  • We understand the unique circumstances of the industry which is why our assurance offerings are specifically tailored to be more relevant and focused on the industry specific issues.
  • We understand that real estate companies often have complex legal structures, significant assets, debt funding, a number of “one off” transactions and unusual contractual arrangements which may involve some difficult accounting judgments.
  • Our tailored audit process is designed to focus on the right things. We get your views on the risks at the right time. We look at the business the way you look at the business to deliver the most efficient possible service with no late surprises.
  • As a part of our audit we will always seek to add value. An audit gives us the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of your business, its risks, and its control procedures (corporate governance).

Download the brochure "IFRS industry insights: Real Estate Sector. New revenue Standard could have a major impact on profile of revenue and profit recognition" and learn more about current issues of real estate market. 

IFRS industry insights: Real Estate Sector