Developing a New Construction Project


Developing a New Construction Project

Real estate is not the place for off-the-shelf solutions. We recognize this, and our approach is to understand the requirements of your business and to develop solutions that address them directly and practically.

Our team brings together experts with many years of industry and professional experience in tackling the complex issues surrounding construction, property ownership and leasing.

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  • Creation of the project strategy
  • Creation of the financial model
  • Creation of the tax and legal structure
  • Design management and budget optimization
  • Construction management and cost control
  • Creation of your control instruments
  • Optimization of the operation, investigations and audits 

Project Milestones: how we can help

  • Market research, implementation analysis
  • Greenfield best use analyses
  • Creation of project strategy
  • Definition of the optimal location
  • Technical due diligence on potential site

Development Strategy

  • Budgeting
  • Financial modelling
  • Financing structure

Financial Planning

  • Tax optimization
  • Legal structure development, SPV registration

Tax and Legal Structure

  • Creation of Design Technical Brief (RFQ)
  • Design tender performance
  • Architectural concept
  • Technology transfer, analysis of applicability
  • Engineering survey
  • Design management

Design Stage

  • Approval of the design by the city government
  • Construction design scheduling
  • Tender of the general contractor
  • Technical and financial supervision (on-site)
  • Quantity surveying and cost consultancy
  • Agree project with the city authorities
  • Delivery control and terms of construction
  • Commissioning

Construction Management

We can help by providing you with tools to monitor ongoing project status

Reporting Systems

  • Corporate governance and control over assets
  • Dispute resolution
  • Investigations following construction projects
  • Debt restructuring services
  • Financial audit

Finance and Administration


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