Business Trends 2014

Navigating the next wave of globalization

Today’s business leaders need clear, concise and well-informed perspectives on important dynamics that are currently reshaping the business environment. Deloitte’s Business Trends 2014 features nine trends all directly related to a major question for many organizations: What is going on with the global economy? These trends – firmly rooted in longer term and probably irreversible shifts – will increasingly influence strategic priorities in three distinct areas: new consumers, new collaborations, and new leadership.

Sadly, we don’t have a crystal ball, and we can’t predict the future. But we do have the privilege of serving clients who are creating the future; almost 200,000 talented colleagues globally who are helping them, including many outstanding thought leaders; privileged access to some of the best minds on the planet; relentless curiosity; and a commitment to intellectual integrity and rigor. We have drawn upon all of these in the creation of this report – along with a survey of more than 400 senior executives from around the world.

Many aspects of these trends should not be surprising in themselves — but the shifts that underpin them are so profound and deeply unfamiliar, we believe that they have been, until now, difficult to absorb, understand and act upon. They fall into three broad areas, each of which describes a fundamental change in the next wave of globalization: new consumers, new collaborations, and new leadership. 

Business Trends 2014: Navigating the next wave of globalization

New consumers. New collaborations. New leadership. How will the next wave of globalization impact your organization?

New Collaborations: Organizations and movements will have the opportunity and scope to get work done in unfamiliar ways — but with a constant emphasis on new and more productive ways to connect knowledge and collaborate.

New Leadership: In the next wave of globalization, leadership and influence — and new business practices — will emerge from new corporate players.

We believe these trends will increasingly influence strategic priorities, and sincerely hope that our perspectives are helpful as you develop your own approaches to...“Navigating the Next Wave of Globalization”.

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