Grants and Incentives program updates


Grants and Incentives program updates

The latest legislative developments from around the world

A summary of the latest developments affecting Grants and Incentives and Research and Development programs. For more information, please contact the local partner of the respective program directly. For further information on how Deloitte can assist with available grants and incentives please contact:

Natan Aronshtam
Global Managing Director – R&D and GI, DTTL
Tel no.: +14166438701

Alistair Davies

Director, Deloitte UK
Tel no.: +44 2920 264272


Grants and Incentives program updates: May 2014

Czech Republic: EPSILON Program–subsidy for research and development projects

Germany – several sectors: Funding focus “Adhesives and binders” within the funding program “Renewable Resources”

Germany – several sectors: “Innovative electro-chemistry with new materials” within the funding program “Innovation in materials for industry and society”

Italy - Manufacturing, commercial and tourism sectors: settlement contract through “Invitalia”

Russia - R&D grants and subsidies: new federal target program for R&D 2014-2020 launched

United Kingdom - Collaborative research and development: innovation in location-based services

Costa Rica/Germany/Mexico – tax: Double taxation treaties signed

May 2014
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