Deloitte online: News to your desk


Deloitte online: News to your desk

Making it happen

Our Tax & Legal specialists conducted live conferences which were broadcast online through weekly webcasts, discussing the latest tax and legal news.


If you would like further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Natalia Goncharova or Nikolay Isaev.

Important Information

Federal Law on the prevention of illegal financial operations
The webcast covered the major issues related to the amendments to the Federal Law.

Speakers: Raisa Alexakhina, Pavel Kovalev

25 July 2013

Secondment – draft amendments to the legislation
Our experts informed on planned changes aimed at regulating activity in the area of providing personnel and applying Russian labour legislation in regard to the relationship between employers and employees on secondment.

Speakers: Raisa Alexakhina, Alfia Mukhamatyanova

Preparation of notifications of controlled transactions
Webcast covered various approaches to preparation of notifications of controlled transactions

Speakers: Kazbek Dzalaev, Alexey Sobchuk

20 June 2013

Tax and currency legislation: trends and their consequences for private individuals
The following topical issues and expected changes in tax and currency legislation were covered: international exchange of tax information, control of foreign assets, introduction of new taxes and Russian currency legislation specifics

Speakers: Svetlana Meyer, Andrey Goncharov

11 June 2013

Global Mobility: Trends and Issues
The main trends and difficulties of global personnel mobility and the next steps of development in Russia were discussed during the webcast.

Speaker: Elena Filina

06 June 2013