Preparation for and support during tax authority’s audits, support in disputing the tax audit results

Preparation for a tax authority’s audit is a range of professional services intended to reveal deficiencies in the Company's taxation, to identify transactions that may potentially appear in the focus of tax authorities' attention, and to assist with substantiating the Company's approaches, should explanations be required.

Engagements on preparation for tax audits are performed in cooperation with our team of professional lawyers and implemented in the following stages:

  • Briefing of employees on their actions during the tax audit
  • Interviews with employees to identify tax risks
  • Tax risk due diligence and assistance in eliminating/mitigating the risks identified

The below services are to be discussed additionally:

  • Legal support during the audit
  • Supporting client’s tax specialists and lawyers in dealing with regulatory authorities
  • Representation of the Company's interests before the court or challenging tax audit results in administrative procedure


Vasyl Drobot

Vasyl Drobot

Director, Tax&Legal

Vasyl has more than 10 years’ experience in providing tax consulting services. He specializes in tax due diligence, tax audits and reviews, support to companies during audits by tax authorities, tax c... More