Комплексна підтримка в дискусіях з податківцями щодо питань трансфертного ціноутворення


Comprehensive support during discussions of transfer pricing related issues with tax authorities

Increased monitoring of controlled transactions and development of transfer pricing reviews challenge companies with new issues to be discussed with tax authorities and the need to protect own position at courts.

Our Tax & Legal specialists are ready to help you by rendering the following services:

  • Сonsulting on issues relating to transfer pricing tax audit
  • Representation of the company's interests during audits and negotiations with representatives of tax authorities
  • Preparation of responses to written request for information
  • Preparation of written objections to audit reports
  • Administrative or judicial challenging of the audit results


Oleksandr Yampolskyi

Oleksandr Yampolskyi

Director, Tax & Legal

Career. Oleksandr has 12 years of experience in tax consulting. At the start of his career, Oleksandr advised on corporate taxation, VAT, business structuring, and tax support of audits. He was at the... More