Укладення договорів про попереднє узгодження ціноутворення | Трансфертне ціноутворення


Conclusion of advance pricing agreements

To prevent tax audits and manage transfer pricing risks, large taxpayers may enter into advanced pricing agreements (the “APA”) with the regulatory authorities.

As this practice is new to Ukrainian companies, our experienced specialists are ready to provide the following services:

  • Consulting in determining whether it is expedient to apply for conclusion of the APA and preliminary discussion of its main provisions
  • Assistance with preparation of the application for advanced pricing approval; drafting of the APA
  • Support during consideration of the application by a working group created by tax authorities (representation of the company's interests and positions)
  • Assistance with preparation of the annual report on the APA implementation, etc.


Oleksandr Yampolskyi

Oleksandr Yampolskyi

Director, Tax & Legal

Career. Oleksandr has 12 years of experience in tax consulting. At the start of his career, Oleksandr advised on corporate taxation, VAT, business structuring, and tax support of audits. He was at the... More