Description of Cyber Risk services


Cyber Risk

Cyber Protection

While cyber security has been around for a while, the volume of attacks and the nature of cyber threats has evolved and the impact can be huge. System downtime often leads to loss in profits, reputational damage, and unhappy customers. Data loss and breaches can not only damage brands but also lead to regulatory fines and compensation pay-outs for affected customers. Cyber has moved beyond the IT department to become a board-level issue.

Deloitte’s Cyber Protection offerings help organizations mitigate cyber threats with a three-pronged approach:

  • Secure. Establishing risk-prioritized controls to protect critical assets against known and emerging threats across the enterprise, and comply with standards and regulations.
  • Vigilant. Establishing situational risk and threat awareness to reduce the time to detect violations and anomalies, and developing the ability to detect the unknown.
  • Resilient. Strengthening or establishing the ability to handle critical incidents, quickly recover and return to normal operations, and repair damage to the business.

Information Protection

Information protection is a constant and growing challenge. Breaches in data protection and failure to conform to the associated requirements can interrupt operations, inhibit organizational change, and adversely affect technology integration. Customer and employee concerns over personal information and sensitive data can also lead to reputational risk.

Deloitte helps organizations understand the key factors for reducing exposure to critical data-related risks and potential damage to their brand.

Our services encompass:

  • Privacy and data protection strategy, policies & procedures, training, and awareness
  • Building an organization-wide inventory and classification map of personal data
  • Cross-border data transfers
  • Data retention
  • Compliance with law enforcement requests
  • Building privacy controls into IT projects
  • Managing varied international compliance requirements
  • Auditing and monitoring programs for ongoing data protection compliance

Identity & Access Management

Managing user identities and systems access is a highly complex business issue that goes far beyond the IT department. It encompasses the entire organization, including business units, individual locations, systems, access points, business partners, and customers. Complicating matters further is the growing number of mobile employees, joint ventures, and other business activities that expose IT systems to potential threats.

Deloitte’s Identity & Access Management (IAM) framework helps organizations keep their users and systems secure and connected. This holistic, business-focused approach combines Deloitte’s experience related to processes, controls, technology, and security with our in-depth vendor software knowledge to enable comprehensive and sustainable identity and access management.

Security Management

Knee-jerk reactions to the latest technical security threat can’t resolve flaws in an organization’s overall approach to security. Proactive security governance and compliance programs are imperative to survive in today’s competitive market and achieve a fundamentally more secure state.
Deloitte’s Security Management professionals can help you address a wide range of security requirements, using proven methodologies to assist in designing and implementing programs and technology for policies and standards, governance and strategy, metrics, automated dashboards, and automated risk and compliance solutions.

Our Security Management (Cyber Governance) services encompass:

  • Cyber strategy
  • Cyber risk management and compliance
  • Cyber policy and standards
  • Cyber training, education, and awareness
  • Cyber sourcing