Ivan Kompan

Director of Deloitte Ukraine Academy

Ivan Kompan

48, 50A Zhylyanska Street




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Ivan Kompan is a Director of Deloitte Academy and a lecturer at the Edinburgh Business School, where he teaches the Finance course in English and Ukrainian languages.

Ivan Kompan is a finance expert with 25 years of professional experience.

During his professional carrier, he held top management positions with a number of major Ukrainian and international financial companies, including Deloitte where he held a position of Partner and Head of Financial Advisory and Consulting Services.

Ivan Kompan has graduated from the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, and holds PhD degree. During his academic career, Mr. Kompan has conducted research in the field of econometrics in University of Sorbonne (Paris), Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna, and Center for Economic Research at Karlov University in Prague.

Key findings of Ivan Kompan’s academic research are published in local and international magazines, and patented in the US.

Ivan Kompan