Natalia Samoilova

Financial Services Industry Group Leader

Partner, Audit & Assurance

Natalia Samoilova

48, 50A Zhylyanska Street




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Natalia Samoilova is Partner of Audit in Deloitte Ukraine and leads the Financial Services Industry Group in Deloitte CIS.
Natalia’s experience spans over 20 years of auditing and accounting, with her area of specialization being issues related to financial institutions audit in accordance with IFRS and Ukrainian Accounting Standards, preparation and transformation of financial statements, advice on the implementation of IFRS, due diligence and financial diagnosis of major Ukrainian banks.
She is extraordinarily savvy in rendering services to central, state-owned and commercial banks, life insurance companies, risks insurance companies, various funds, non-for-profit organizations and other financial institutions.
Apart from performing external audits, Natalia has a great expertise in financial and other risk management, carrying out operational due diligences in financial institutions; credit and liquidity management assessment; internal audit assessment for financial entities; organizational restructuring and process enhancement in financial institutions. She also led a number of IPO and Eurobond issuance support projects.

Natalia Samoilova