Deloitte offers a range of value-added advisory services to help you meet the demands of the various stakeholders that your organization is accountable to and to complement your existing team. With expert skills in financial reporting compliance, complex transactions and finance function optimization, our advisory services go beyond traditional assurance services.

Complex accounting

Deloitte assists organizations with new or complex accounting standard implementation, the accounting of non-routine transactions, and the evaluation of existing accounting practices for compliance or benchmarking purposes. We also provide financial statement preparation and regulatory assistance including the response to regulatory comment letters, advisory services in connection with the structuring and assessment of complex arrangements and transactions, and financial reporting training services.

As regulations multiply, the advanced accounting capabilities that enable strong, effective reporting are more critical than ever, but today’s lean finance functions are contending with shortages of both resources and talent. In this challenging environment, it’s important to leverage the right advice when addressing a range of increasingly complex accounting areas, including financial statement preparation, regulations and standards, valuation, financial instruments and transaction-related accounting.

Transaction advisory

When advising an organization on a contemplated transaction, we harness the power of our entire firm to provide consulting throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.  Our strengths are based on the potency and experience of our Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) team, a successful approach to divestiture tactical planning and execution, deep industry experience and our track record.


Leveraging Deloitte’s team of experienced professionals, we assist finance executives in assessing and refining their finance strategy and vision. We support the design and implement changes to their finance functions, processes and systems. By improving the overall value that finance brings to the organization, we can help prepare your business to respond to the inevitable changes and growing demands of the future.

Finance analytics

Deloitte’s finance analytics professionals help your organization to transform its data into meaningful insights that enable management to make informed strategic decisions. We combine systems and data experience, strong knowledge of regulatory requirements, experience in the needs of accounting and finance functions, and a deep understanding of the industry, process and operating environments to help develop end-to-end solutions. Deloitte helps your organization to improve process efficiencies to make better use of its collected data and to improve the quality and usability of its outputs.