Volunteering with Deloitte

A volunteer is a person who voluntarily and gratuitously does something for people in need of assistance.

Deloitte’s corporate volunteering program focuses on making a difference in lives of people who need help. Deloitte employees, alumni, partners, and friends all take part in Deloitte’s volunteering activities.

Child oncology clinics where we help parents and doctors with cleaning, painting, and organising events. Sick kids and their parents spend months (sometimes years) in the hospital where they get treatment, and parents need to make sure the rooms and playrooms are clean and sterilized. We assist them in their daily routine.

Hospices where we help employees create a more homely atmosphere, because sometimes a hospice is the last home in a person’s life. We believe that we can help even those who can’t be cured.

Homes for the elderly where we spend time with lonely old people who need our attention so much. We try to brighten up the holiday in their monotonous everyday life, improve their living conditions as much as possible, and most importantly, to involve as many people as possible in this issue that shouldn’t be ignored. We bring sweets, clothes, care products, wheelchairs, linens, and blankets - for urgent and basic needs – along with us on our visits.

Please sign up here if you would like to join us.

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