2014 Property & Casualty Insurance Industry Outlook

Innovation leading the way

On the surface the property and casualty sector appears to be doing quite well, but running an insurance carrier is rarely smooth sailing.

Insurance firms face obstacles that may be outside of their control in the coming year, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to shape their own destinies. Consider the following potential game-changing developments for 2014 and beyond. Whether these are opportunities or threats may be entirely up to how each insurance company deals with them.

  • Prepare for a more dynamic M&A market
  • Carriers looking for new ways to reach prospects
  • Regulatory uncertainty leaves many insurers in a holding pattern 
  • Transforming finance to become business partners
  • Carriers look to upgrade systems and talent
  • Carriers look to up their game with tech enhancements

For a quick view into our predicted trends, view the infographic.

The last few years have been particularly difficult for those occupying C-Suite positions, as more fundamental issues are threatening not only short-term results on their balance sheets, but challenging the long-term viability of their operating models as well.

More life and annuity carriers are expected to break out of their historical operating molds over the next couple of years. The goal will be to make more efficient use of capital as well as expand the overall market pie by reaching out to underserved consumer segments in innovative ways.

Additionally, ongoing political gridlock in Washington could undermine an already unsteady economic recovery. Not to mention regulatory uncertainty that makes it difficult for carriers to plan ahead and determine operational priorities. 

Innovation may ultimately be the key to keep insurers growing regardless of shifting economic and insurance market conditions, as they devise ways to thwart ongoing and emerging competitive threats as well as capitalize on new opportunities.

Discover the macro- and microeconomic trends challenging insurers to shake up the status quo and develop new systems and processes throughout their internal organizations and external distribution chains so they may stay competitive in 2014 and beyond.

Download the full report for the Property and Casualty Insurance Outlook or read about the Outlook for Life Insurance and Annuities

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