Performance - May 2014

Issue 14

Performance is a global publication covering hot topics of interest to Investment Management professionals.


It is intriguing to observe our industry and its adaptation to an ever-changing world and to see its growing thirst for innovation. Never has this been truer than in recent months, where there has once again been something of a shift in geo-political behaviour and the implementation of regulation vying for attention and impacting activities.

Keeping up not only with change, but the rate of the change itself, is one of the major challenges that the industry faces daily. This edition examines the potential risks associated with extending fund enterprises to new geographic regions and external partners. It also explores a variety of other topics, ranging from developing client asset rules in Ireland, to the successful adoption of international best practices in France and to how global investment managers are responding to changes in tax obligations and reporting standards around the world.

This issue provides you with ideas to enhance your own performance and helps you stay at the cutting edge of what should continue to be exciting developments for the industry.

May 2014 issue of Performance
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