Corporate and Business Unit Strategy


Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

From strategy to results

  • How can we increase market share by 20%?
  • Do we have the resources to effectively enter the market?
  • Where should I locate my production facility?

Trigger questions

Competitive strategy

  • Identify and develop strategic responses to short and long-term changes in the market
  • Assess competitive positioning and develop competencies to provide a competitive edge in the market


Proposition and business model innovation

  • Identify new market opportunities and the capabilities required to capture them
  • Use operations as a lever to support the vision and mission for current and long term market objectives and competitive advantage


Market entry strategy

  • Develop adjacent growth strategies and shape international expansion
  • Identify and develop new business and market opportunities by employing a comprehensive understanding of trends, customers, technologies and geographies


Operating strategy

  • Formulate effective strategies to bridge the gaps between business strategy and implementation by clearly aligning implementation steps with overall business strategy


M&A strategy / commercial due diligence

  • Scrutinise M&A opportunities and assess viability of commercial projections 


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