Design and implementation of budgeting systems


Design and implementation of budgeting systems

  • Provide your management, shareholders and investors with timely and reliable forecasts of the company’s financial and business activities to support management decision-making
  • Prepare your budget in compliance with international standards for variance analysis
  • Ensure transparency and enhance control over operations and use of company resources

Goals and Challenges

We help to create an integrated budgeting system, including economic and financial planning systems, preparation of the group’s consolidated budget, automation of the budgeting function and we provide support for your team during the implementation process.

What we do

Depending on the nature of your company’s business and its level of financial and management accounting and planning, the project can involve developing and implementing stand alone elements of the budgeting system, or providing a fully integrated solution.

Our team have experience in developing budgeting systems, from diagnosing the existing system and concept development through to the  implemention of automated solutions for data collection, processing and support of the budgeting process. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of Russian and international accounting and reporting standards, and extensive experience with the implementation of specialized budgeting software, such as Hyperion, SAS and Cognos, for companies across a range of industries.

Our approach

Implementing automated budgeting brings the following advantages:

  • Provision of a set of documents providing a complete description of your company’s budgeting system, including budgeting policy, methodology and processes;
  • Delivery of an automated system to support budgeting and variance analysis (plan vs. actual);
  • Development of your team’s skills in budgeting to international standards, allowing your team to fulfill you budgeting needs using internal resources.

How your business will benefit