Posted: 08 Oct. 2019 5 min. read

Changing perspectives

The 5I inspiration and a different approach to education

Lakshmi Pratury, the founder of ‘INK Talks’, shares insight into taking a different approach to education, to bridge the ‘skills’ gap and ease the future generation into the future of work.

Lakshmi Pratury, the founder of Ixoraa Media which runs the ‘INK Conference’, created the platform to spread disruptive ideas and inspiring stories. She was inspired after she brought to India in 2009, one of the leading platforms that lets you share ideas via powerful industry presentations. She adopted a similar approach and went on to launch her own conference in India. In 2010, ‘INK Talks’ was born.

To pursue her passion for storytelling, she works with people, who have never been discovered before. As the people get ready to tell their stories on the platform, she prepares them by working on the story with them. While she curates ‘art’ which later on become the ‘INK Talks’, she agrees there’s a process to it that she follows.

Fast forward to the 2019 Deans Summit, through the story of her life, and a unique framework, Lakshmi shed light on a different perspective of approaching education. Her aim of sharing this insight was to re-enforce the importance of contribution that academic deans and the system can make towards bridging the gap and easing the future generations into the future of work.

“It’s all about changing ourselves, changing our perspective…What’s certain about the future of work is that it is uncertain.”

She went on to elaborate a ‘5I’ framework to share her views.

  • Interdisciplinary: Offer classes that are not restrictive.
  • Intradisciplinary: What needs to be done is to truly care for the students and provide a nurturing atmosphere.
  • Inspire: Inspire children to think differently and teach them to find role models among them.
  • Innovation: Encourage children to fail, to experiment with new ideas and fail again, learn from it, and then improve. Guide them towards design thinking viz. to learn, improve, go.
  • Investing hugely: Look at investing towards exposing kids to very unusual things and experiences that they are made to go through.

To sum up the framework, she suggested, “[What if we were to use a] different barometer for measuring success.”

The one quote that guides the people at INK, “Life ought not to be measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away. If that's true indeed, then we should all be greedy about collecting moments that matter.”

As she closed the summit, she left the audience inspired and with some thoughts to ponder over.

About Deans Summit

Every year, Deloitte hosts a ‘Deans Summit’, an event that drives conversation with academic leaders representing Indian universities and institutions. This year, with the theme focusing on the future of work, skills and talent, Deloitte invited a host of speakers belonging to different generations. They shared their views and expectations from the education industry in India, and how this system can help bridge the gap by reevaluating the approach and skillset needed for the jobs of tomorrow.


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About the speaker:

Lakshmi Pratury is an entrepreneur and founder of 'INK Talks' and Ixoraa Media which runs the ‘INK Conference’. She is passionate about spreading disruptive ideas and bringing inspiring stories of incredible people to life.