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University Relations (UR) was created to foster mutually beneficial and enhanced relationships with select strategic universities to better enable hiring of the best talent, collaborate to conduct leadership talks and education sessions on campus and help in shaping the curriculum with them.

Deans Summit

Deans Summit—a signature program under the ambit of Deloitte’s University Relations has been a prestigious annual event for deans and directors from premier institutes across India.

With four successful years of disrupting the talent and education landscape of India, here’s a quick recap of this marquee program.

  • Year one: Was focused on talent trends and trials with emphasis on digital education and preparing future talent
  • Year two: Drove us to forge and leverage strategic relationships by fostering industry-academia collaboration
  • Year three: Had thought leadership helping academicians build world class institutions
  • Year four: Was focused around the theme “the greatest time to matter”

Deans Summit has been at the fore-front of experiential learning, breakthrough discussions, eminent thought wares, and digitization. Year-on-year, we have included inspirational storytellers to the speaker group.

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Empowered Educators

Empowered Educators is a leadership development program targeted at campus directors and deans to help them leverage core Deloitte practices that can bring about innovative reforms in the curricula and become better administrators. As knowledgeable administrators and visionaries, directors or deans can influence other educators to meet the real-world needs of business and create a ripple effect by reaching thousands of students. The program enables the campus directors to develop their personal brand and hone their ability to influence and build followership, and to build strong peer-to-peer professional networks.

The themes of the first edition of Empowered Educators were based on curriculum that is a part of Deloitte’s leadership development courses. It included:

Brand and Eminence: Showcase thoughtware, business impact, and culture to these key leaders who can positively influence curriculum design and careers

Industry Insight: Build a stronger understanding of the trends in education and employability, competition and innovations in industry and academia.

Collaboration: Identify opportunities for greater collaboration across curriculum design, executive learning, and building thoughtware. Look for opportunities to build new age technical, professional, and leadership skills in the future workforce.

Sourcing: Strengthen relationships with campuses to augment our recruiting strategies.

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