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Empowered Educators

Making an impact through industry-academia collaboration

A key University Relations initiative, Empowered Educators is a program that builds and sustains long-term relationships between academia and Deloitte by bringing them together to achieve a unified common goal—to establish an ecosystem conducive to students and alumni, and prepare the outgoing students for a brighter career.

About Empowered Educators

Empowered Educators, under the ambit of Deloitte’s University Relations, enables a unique platform that brings academia and industry together to achieve a unified common goal and strengthen our ties. By taking a collaborative approach on how each can best utilize the synergies and prepare the outgoing students for a brighter career, this key University Relations initiative aims to establish an ecosystem conducive to students and alumni to help them stay current and relevant.

The program creates a network of directors spanning four different locations, having a reach across 50,000+ students in business, engineering, and undergraduate schools.

A story of collaboration, and impactful learning in the education and talent space, Empowered Educators has sparked conversations with the academicians and assimilated insights on the Talent marketplace trends.

With the new structure of work and workforce, we need to understand holistically what it takes for the government, businesses, educational institutions, alumni and the society to contribute to the growth, innovation, learning & development, and career solutions.

This platform not only provides an opportunity to co-create with fellow academicians and strengthen education practices, but also share and hear Deloitte’s perspectives on new-age management, leadership trends, and future of workforce. Through firestarter conversations, panel discussions, labs and research-backed data points, the program sets out to engage the academicians in discussions that will impact the future of education offered in their campuses.

What to expect as academicians?

Experience a unique industry-academia connect platform
A platform to spark conversations with the top-notch academicians and assimilate insights. As a part of this program, indulge in our time-tested leadership frameworks, industry skills, and thought leadership designed specifically for academia.

Reimagine the future
Understand the needs of future of higher education in Indian landscape. Gear up to reimagine future campuses with the right skillset, along with peers in the academic space and industry leaders.

Explore latest trends
Discover cutting edge thought leadership and key insights into the Talent marketplace, focused on driving a culture of a new-age learner at school, instilling a new learning mindset, and an ecosystem that is ready for the career challenges IR 4.0 presents.

Leveraging new-age learning models
Get on board with personalized and dynamic methods of learning. Invest in lifelong learning through collaborative efforts and focus on interdisciplinary learning.

Explore spectrum of skills needed for the academicians today and the future of work. Showcase job readiness via upgradation of multitude of skills.

Latest edition: Empowered Educators 2020

The latest season of Empowered Educators was structured around the theme “Make your impact”. As businesses evolve, and the future of work is being disrupted, industry and academia leaders engaged in conversations shifting their focus from education to skills and capabilities.

Centered around conversations for ‘Designing a learning ecosystem for Industry 4.0’, the program set out to enable academicians to foster an environment that supports new-age learning and prepares the future workforce.

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