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Graduate School Maverick

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Conducted for students from graduate schools across India, the Graduate School Maverick program brings students closer to a real corporate environment, challenges them to think of unconventional solutions geared toward a sustainable future, learn from Deloitte’s business leaders, and display professional behaviors and competencies that differentiate a leader.

About Graduate School Maverick

Graduate School Maverick (GSM) aims to connect with the potential future workforce of Deloitte by offering a platform for students to actively interact and compete with like-minded individuals, while embracing different perspectives and being flexible towards upcoming changes.

Through this competition, students are given an opportunity to experience a real-world problem where they can use their skills and creativity to collaborate and provide unconventional and sustainable solutions. In addition, the platform enables students to gain exposure to the professional world, interact with and learn from Deloitte’s leaders and professionals, as well as experience Deloitte’s culture of creating a meaningful impact.

The students will also gain insight into how Deloitte professionals effectively collaborate with cutting-edge technological tools for optimum client satisfaction and deliver top-notch quality service. The event will be facilitated by Deloitte experts in the field. At the end of the event, the participants will be exposed to some of the world-class processes and technologies that enable Deloitte to provide transparency, efficiency, and productivity on a daily basis.

How is GSM organized

Across campuses, GSM is conducted through a series of tests and challenges. These rounds lead up to a one-day finale. With opportunities to collaborate on complex business problems of today and the future, GSM offers students a chance to create an impact by designing innovative solutions.

GSM team activity

What’s on offer for the participants

  • Participants would get an opportunity to work with the specialists in the field
  • Pre-placement interview and internship opportunities
  • Cash prizes for the winning team, the first and second runners up
  • Other exciting giveaways and prizes on each stage

Latest edition: Graduate School Maverick 2020

In the most recent edition of GSM in 2020, graduates joined us virtually to unravel the excitement of creating ideas that will change the upcoming decade. The overall objective of the contest was for teams of eligible participants to compete and win various rounds and challenges in the spirit of the contest.
This year’s contest was open to students who were pursuing full time 1st year and second year (3-year program) & 1st year (2-year program) from select colleges.

The Graduate School Maverick 2020 was a 4-stage contest, with each stage serving as a qualifier. Starting off with multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and an assessment test, participants who qualified these 2 stages, advanced to the 3rd stage. Here’s where the competition got interesting—each team included a faculty member of their college as a mentor, and on top of that, each team was assigned a coach from Deloitte India (Offices of the US). In the 4th stage, shortlisted teams presented case studies using simulation and got an opportunity to take a shot at the big prize!

Virtual call

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