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Leading with effective communication and life-long learning

A story of transforming aspirations into achievements

Lakuma Tumati joined Deloitte US-India Offices 12 years ago as a developer. In this blog post, she reflects on her journey from being a developer to a leader, where learning constantly, communicating clearly, and reading voraciously are some of the important aspects which have helped her grow as a leader and how these qualities have played a critical role in bringing out the best in her team.

Fulfilling my quest for knowledge at work

My career journey at Deloitte has been a lot about finding a harmonious balance between my electronics and telecommunications engineering degree and my current role as a leader in Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry at USI. 

During my engineering course, my focus was on semiconductors and since then my journey of implementing semiconductor theories in the dynamic world of technology, media and telecommunications has been full of learning and discovering. Staying abreast with the latest semiconductor innovations is not only one of my professional responsibilities but also a personal fascination. 

Bringing out the best in teams through effective communications 

I think effective communication is the bedrock of good leadership and has a domino effect in maintaining the culture of a team. True leadership is displayed in how one treats others on the job, and that this is a matter of professional etiquette. It's important to recognize and appreciate the efforts of all working professionals, no matter what their titles are. To foster an atmosphere where professionals may feel safe offering their opinions, suggestions, and complaints is a good way to make them feel heard and respected. I firmly believe that a leader's actions serve as an example for the team.



Learning new skills to help keep pace with the evolving tech trends

It’s my belief that higher education holds immense value in today’s rapidly evolving world. However, the approach to pursuing higher education should be tailored to the individual's circumstances and goals through either traditional full-time programs or part-time options. Moreover, Educational Technology (EdTech) has significantly expanded the possibilities for lifelong learning, making it easier to enhance one's skills and knowledge while being employed. In my opinion, studying while working has more benefits, including flexibility of a part-time learning, a practical experience, and an overall cost-effectiveness. Practitioners also get an opportunity to customize their learning journey, keeping pace with the rapidly changing demands of the modern world.

Inculcating the habit of reading 

Reading, a powerful tool for personal and intellectual growth, enhances communication skills, broadens vocabulary, and provides new insights into various subjects. I advocate and encourage reading as a hobby. The joy of discovering new stories, gaining knowledge, and experiencing the magic of literature is unparalleled. I personally enjoyed the Harry Potter series. It holds a special place in my heart for the enchantment it brings. I was amazed at the transformative potential of this series.

The views expressed here are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of her current, former, or future employers or any organization with which she is associated.

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Lakuma Tumati

Lakuma Tumati

Leader | Core Business Operations, Consulting

Lakuma Tumati is one of the leaders in Core Business Operations, Consulting at Deloitte US-India Offices with more than 20 years of experience in project management, program management, design, implementation, and custom web application solutions support. She has international experience in North America, Europe, and APAC in global delivery capabilities. In her current role, Lakuma leads the Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry at USI. She is responsible for managing client relations, sales, pipeline health, operations, planning, practice, and business development. Her eye-to-details and result-driven traits successfully drive cross-functional teams in diverse business environments.