Posted: 22 Apr. 2024 5 min. read

Finding confidence again

Ashish’s thriving journey through Deloitte’s support

Ashish Chauhan is passionate about singing. His friends once tried to convince him to pursue it as a career, but he found his calling in communications. “Both passions,” he observes, “are the art of saying what you want to say.”



As an internal communication professional at Deloitte US-India (USI) Offices, Ashish works with colleagues to help them articulate what they want to say and reach out to a larger audience. He has played an important role, for instance, in shaping the content and look of a knowledge-sharing app for USI team members. He credits his accomplishments to the strong working relationships he’s cultivated. “When you have a great rapport, it makes the work easy,” he says.

Before joining Deloitte, Ashish had to leave a job he loved due to restructuring during the COVID-19 pandemic. He then joined another organization; however, he was looking to better manage his physical and mental health.

His first interview with his future team leaders at Deloitte marked a turning point in finding healthier work/life integration. “I didn’t try to paint a perfect picture of myself, and yet, they saw the good in me,” Ashish recalls. “And I saw an organization that cares about people and appreciates their authentic self. ”   

However, the challenging times weren’t over. Ashish was just hitting his stride and making an impact at Deloitte when his mother was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. His team leaders and colleagues rallied around him. “They made it clear that I wouldn’t face this alone,” he says. With both parents on his medical insurance, Ashish felt relief that his mother’s necessary medical needs would be covered, and an interest-free medical loan through Deloitte helped ease the burden of unforeseen expenses. His leaders immediately approved a transfer from Hyderabad to Gurugram, bringing him closer to his family, and encouraged him to work flexible hours so he could accompany his mother to treatments. For one month he worked entirely from home, using his hybrid productivity allowance to purchase everything needed for an efficient workstation.

“It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced,” Ashish says. Yet this trying period increased his appreciation for working in a caring environment—and he’s continued to evolve and thrive both personally and professionally. He’s found time to care for himself with regular workouts, and he’s excited about upcoming projects and programs at Deloitte USI.

And his singing? That’s on the rise too. And these days, with the kinship and confidence he’s gained, the tune is upbeat.


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