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Career Journey: Luckey Sahu

Luckey Sahu joined Deloitte in 2018 as a Senior Consultant with the Salesforce team in Customer & Marketing. Luckey is passionate about writing technical blogs and indulging in online games during his leisure time.

What were some of the factors that led you to pursue your career at Deloitte?

Beyond the brand allure, there were many contributing factors that led me to join Deloitte. I had access to the work-life balance I was looking for, with the flexibility to work on projects that inspired me. Since I joined the organization, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to grow and learn, along with challenging and meaningful work. Deloitte’s culture of inclusiveness, openness, and support is why we truly stand out.

Tell us about your career path at Deloitte (How long have you worked for Deloitte, how has your career evolved?)

I started my journey with Deloitte as a consultant supporting the Salesforce team. Having completed certifications on application architecture in Salesforce to enhance my skills, I feel more confident about my experience in technical architecture. Almost 3 years later, I am a Senior Consultant. It’s been an incredible path. I had access to a platform to showcase my skills and apply my expertise time and again, while also having moments to upgrade and enhance my capabilities.

You are a boomerang in Deloitte, how would you describe Deloitte's distinctive culture?

As a returning professional, I feel that work-life balance and technical growth opportunities made me want to come back to a culture I appreciate. In the past, and even now, Deloitte’s open-door policy, inspiring leadership, and astounding colleagues have encouraged me to be my best self at work. This is the core of everything Deloitte does—I have always felt welcomed and supported.

What is one of the most memorable moments in your career at Deloitte so far?

There have been numerous happy moments in my career journey with Deloitte so far. The most memorable moment that I continue to cherish is when I received my first award. In that moment, I felt excited, and it motivated me to continue to do great work. I’d also like to mention another memorable experience—the bonding that would occur as a result of team outings post-project completion team outings—it is one of those memories that has stayed with me.

How do you describe what you do at Deloitte to friends and family?

I talk about the work we do at Deloitte as simply as possible—we innovate and build solutions that make a user’s life easier. As a technical lead, I connect with clients, gather the information, and convert it into a technical requirement that is taken forward for development and deployment by the team. To sum up, we elevate experiences for our clients and their clients!

What has been the most interesting or surprising about working for Deloitte?

What interests me the most about being at Deloitte is that it gives me a chance to learn new technologies and implement them as well. This has inspired me to explore new horizons, expand my knowledge and understanding, and think critically about various scenarios.

What is your advice for someone who is joining Deloitte?

At Deloitte, networking is a must! Make use of the knowledge exchange platforms to connect with your peers to expand your network.

Luckey Sahu
Luckey Sahu

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