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Meet John. A Senior Solutions Advisor in Deloitte’s Cyber Risk and Advisory practice. At Deloitte, he feels he can bring his natural self to work. He is resilient by nature and passionate about latest technologies and innovations in his field of work. John loves to play wheelchair basketball and go for long cross-country drives. Read on to know more about his career journey.

What were some of the factors that led you to pursue your career at Deloitte?

I have always aspired to work at Deloitte. The culture, flexibility, and the way Deloitte values its employees made me want to pursue a career here. The positive things said about the workplace from friends who were already working here helped reinforce my belief.

In your own words, how would you describe Deloitte’s distinctive culture?

I am a professional with a disability and the inclusive & diverse culture at Deloitte walks the talk. Amazing colleagues coupled with a great work culture is what makes us stand out. There are always opportunities given to present your ideas to the leaders and clients which makes our culture an exception.

What stands out for you as the greatest benefit of working at Deloitte?

The people you work with makes all the difference. The collaboration and networking opportunities has helped me evolve as a professional over the years. I have seen Deloitte put its inclusion and diversity values into practice. The building where I work had difficulties accessing the washroom for professionals with disabilities. To my surprise within a week this was addressed, and ensured the door was changed to make it convenient for access, only Deloitte could do this.

Tell us about your career path at Deloitte

I am a "boomerang” (a returning employee) and that says it all. I am currently a Senior Solution Advisor within the Risk Intelligence practice at Deloitte & Touche Assurance & Enterprise Risk Services India Private Limited. My work involves helping clients on Third Party Risk Management and Cost Recovery, automate processes, manage projects and offshore team to deliver on technical and non-technical threads.

List your proudest professional and personal achievements.

I was among the select few to represent Deloitte as an Ambassador to the 2016 Paralympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I won an internal contest along with 16 others. I will always cherish this moment because despite the challenges of being a wheelchair user, Deloitte ensured my comfort and convenience and prioritized it throughout.

What is one of the most memorable moments in your career at Deloitte so far?

I felt overwhelmed when the leaders reached out to congratulate me and my team on the client feedback received. They were pleased with the extension of the project for one more year during the pandemic, stating that as a major benchmark for value delivered. Deloitte has enabled me to think different and deliver over and beyond to provide great client service. This has helped me learn more and build excellent client relationships.

How do you describe what you do at Deloitte to friends and family?

I tell my family and friends that I am a Risk Intelligence professional and assess the possible risks our clients may encounter. I work with managing the Third-party risk management and help my clients automate processes for increased operational efficiency using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Who are you outside of Deloitte? (Hobbies, passions, interests)

I love sports and have played basketball prior to an accident. Post the accident I am a paraplegic and have cofounded NGOs to help rehabilitate Spinal Cord Injured and other locomotor disabilities. I am a Wheelchair Basketball player for the State of Telangana. Driving is my other hobby. I love to go for long drives in my hand control retrofitted car, toured about 100,000 KMS self-driving. I love gospel music and I am a Sunday School teacher. I also love to play chess and I was a bassist in band in my college days.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone interested in joining Deloitte?

Deloitte is for everyone, there are plenty of opportunities for one wanting to purse their passion. I would advise them to continuously monitor and apply for opportunities on the career site.

John Praneeth
John Praneeth

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