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Career Journey: Manoj Pandey

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Manoj has been with Deloitte for more than five years as an office services manager. He prioritizes work life balance by spending quality time with his family, keeping up with the latest in comedy movies and hitting the gym to keep himself fit and healthy.

How do you describe your work to your friends and family?

I’m a part of the workplace experience team as an Office Service Manager, As a team we ensure the best of service standards and experience is available to our professionals within the office. This is a critical part of our job as it helps our business groups to meet their deliverables.

My day typically begins—

With a team connect on the daily agenda including pending deliverables, attending to impending/unforeseen situations, if any. Post that, I prioritize tasks for the day such as- Attending to queries from professionals, leaderships group with respect to office services and connecting with critical business and external stakeholders.

Majority of my work involves—

Managing a team that deals with 24x7 operations is no easy task but that’s what gives me an adrenaline rush and keeps me going. My day goes in engaging with the business groups to understand their needs, mobilizing services and delivering to the best of their expectations. I also work closely with external stakeholders and support groups to extend best of the office experience.

Manoj Pandey

What do you find most satisfying and meaningful about your career at Deloitte?

Deloitte has provided ample opportunities to me to lead and thrive. There has been an immense feeling of belonging to my practice and the role. I have been able to do important and enriching work throughout my career here due to the open, supportive and flexible work environment. The benefit and wellness programs have been beneficial in helping me maintain my work-life balance.

What is one of the most memorable moments in your career at Deloitte so far?

I’ve had an abundance of memorable moments throughout my career at Deloitte. The most significant being the opportunity given to me was to ‘boomerang’ back to manage the office operations at the Delhi office. When I was offered the chance to join back Deloitte, I grabbed the same without any apprehensions as Deloitte is well respected among the professional services group. I have always found the Deloitte work culture to be very positive, wherein leaders align opportunities and colleagues support the work-life balance.

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