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Career Journey: Jyoti Singh

The dream chaser

Meet Jyoti Singh. She’s a Senior DevOps engineer on the Hux product team with Deloitte Consulting India Private Limited. Jyoti works on automating various applications and building infrastructure with an innovative mindset and a desire to make an impact that matters. Her family's army background defines much of how Jyoti views her work—discipline and perfection being an integral part of her life. She enjoys spending time with her family and engaging in interesting conversations. Visiting new places, reading fiction novels, and engaging in outdoor activities such as running and swimming are other things that excite Jyoti.

What were some of the factors that led you to pursue your career at Deloitte?

As a student, I recall how I would walk by Deloitte’s office and wonder if I would ever have an opportunity to work here. When the opportunity to work at Deloitte came my way, I went ahead with it without a second thought! As an electronics and communication engineering student, I began to develop an inclination towards IT and computer science. To turn my interest into a career I’m passionate about, I decided to become a software developer. The skills I learned skills led me to a career at Deloitte.


Tell us about your career path at Deloitte (How long have you worked for Deloitte, how has your career evolved?)

Over the past three years at Deloitte, I have seen myself growing and learning continuously. I had started my Information Technology career as a Business Intelligence and Data Visualization developer, where I got the opportunity to interpret customer requirements and visualize data for representation. I worked on several rapid prototype visualization tools to solve complex business problems.

As much as I enjoyed visualization, I was also fascinated by the backend architecture, end-to-end deployment of applications, and the exciting impact a few lines of code had on automating so many functionalities.

Interestingly, at Deloitte, I found an opportunity to explore automation and complex application deployments. As strange and difficult it may sound to pivot my career path that changed my skillsets substantially, I wanted to seize that moment and explore a whole new genre of work. During the past three years, I have evolved as a full-time DevOps engineer working on tools like which has been challenging yet exciting for me.


In your own words, how would you describe Deloitte's distinctive culture?

Deloitte has open and multi-cultural environment. And I couldn’t agree more! With the presence of colleagues with diversified backgrounds and cultures, working together transformed to working to accomplish the same goals.

The culture here emphasizes on work-life balance and well-being. It has motivated me to learn and grow. I have always felt that my leaders and colleagues are supportive and mindful, not only about the work I do but also how it can help me grow in my career.


What is one of the most memorable moments in your career at Deloitte so far?

There are so many memorable moments, several fun activities, and team outings, it’s hard to select one.

One of the most recent moments I feel very proud of is when I was nominated for a recognition for my work in DevOps. Considering this was a new role I had recently taken up; I was thrilled that my hard work was appreciated and recognized. This has made me more confident and motivated to take up new challenges and keep working to make an impact.


How do you describe what you do at Deloitte to friends and family?

As a DevOps engineer most of my work is quite technical. Instead, I tell them about the opportunities and support I get from my team leads, mentors and coaches and several engaging, fun activities that we do regularly.


What has been the most interesting or surprising about working for Deloitte?

Despite everyone’s busy schedules, I always admire people they are always approachable whenever one needs a helping hand.

Taking up new challenges and continuous learning is what keeps me motivated. At Deloitte, I have always got the opportunities, feedback and support that aligns with my career goals.


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