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Career Journey: Monika Batra

Making motherhood work

Moving to a new city, choosing internal mobility, becoming a mother, getting a promotion, and then moving on to a contract role—her story has several twists and turns. Read her interview below to know how she navigated her career at Deloitte through the various phases in her life.

How long have you been with Deloitte?

Deloitte has been my second home for nine years now! I joined as an associate analyst in the Knowledge Services team in Hyderabad (2010), then moved to Mumbai in 2015 when I got married, and then transitioned to the Communications team as a senior analyst (2016).

Tell us about your transition from Hyderabad to Mumbai.

The relocation to Mumbai went smoother than I’d imagined. Although I knew very few people in the Mumbai office at the time, the team made me feel very welcome and supported. On my first day, I was so touched that they had thoughtfully prepared everything in time for my arrival, including my work cubicle.

How did life change when you were expecting your first child?

When I found out I was soon going to be a parent, it was exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. When I was away on maternity leave, my managers at that time and the team would show genuine concern and interest in my well-being and kept me updated on important developments at the workplace.

Once Vihan (my son) was born, it was a whole new ballgame! The greatest challenge was balancing my work routine with that of Vihan’s. The team was very supportive by assigning me work gradually and giving me enough time to get back to full capacity.

How did Deloitte help you with the balancing act as a new mother?

Post my maternity leave, I couldn’t go to the office every day and was unable to return to my full-time role. The leadership explored several options and even provided me with extended work-from-home options. When I was still unable to return to office post that period, my leads provided me the additional flexibility that I needed by offering me the role of a contractor.

At no point did I feel disconnected from the core of the company because I was now a working parent and on a contractual role.

What is your advice to new working parents?

My son Vihan recently turned three and looking back at my journey, being a working mom is a feat I am proud of. I feel grateful for the network of people—my managers, my entire team, and my husband—who rallied around me with empathy and support during my most challenging times. It is really what drives me to get out of bed each day and grow as a professional.

Working at a company like Deloitte has only made it easier and better for me. So my advice to new parents would be to know they are already in the right place and to seize every opportunity to grow here through the many options provided along the way.

Motherhood is beautiful in that it will teach you love and patience. But most of all, it will help you become a better manager. So trust yourself.


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