Audit & Assurance is about more than numbers

Our people ask not just how things are, but how to make them better

Accountant. Auditor. Spreadsheet wizard. Think you know what a career in Audit and Assurance (A&A) is all about?

What does the day-to-day really look like? What is the route into the profession? Is it possible to be an auditor and a professional footballer?

Here we spoke to members of our A&A team to uncover their path into the firm and reveal how their roles see them tackling some of society’s greatest challenges – everything from technological change to the race to net zero – all whilst juggling what matters to them most both in and outside the day job.

From academia to data, meet Dwaine Burley, senior manager

What was your experience before joining Deloitte?
My background is actually in science. I did my degree in pharmacology and a PhD in cardiovascular pharmacology and physiology. I’ve been a lecturer and worked on financial analysis for a major health charity, as well as on data and statistical analysis in cardiovascular disease.

Why did you decide to go into A&A at Deloitte?
Even though I switched sector, my skills in data and analysis are transferable. I was keen to enter an organisation where I can add value and impact while continuing to work in an intellectually challenging environment across a number of industries.

What does your role involve?
I love being able to work with some of the biggest organisations in the UK on big data in areas like financial services and retail. The role involves data analysis, modelling, coding and automating processes.

What have you been particularly proud of in the last year?
The firm launched its Black Action Plan last year, which focuses on supporting Black colleagues and also how we, as a firm, work with entities and wider society. I’m really proud to be involved in that journey and being able to use my experience in data to make a positive impact to others for years to come.

Did you know?

Data analytics and modelling will play a huge part in the evolution of A&A. They can produce insights to help professionals make more effective, timely decisions.

Talking climate and sustainability with Emily Hesketh, senior manager

What was your path to becoming an auditor?
You could say I didn’t follow the ‘usual’ route into the profession as I didn’t go to university. I decided instead to join Deloitte’s BrightStart Apprenticeship scheme, which enabled me to earn my qualifications while giving me the flexibility to learn, work and develop my interests into my career today as an auditor.

Can you tell us a bit about your role?
My role as an auditor spans all things environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and I am proud to be working on something I’m personally very passionate about, particularly climate and sustainability. In the last few years, I have worked across everything from global audits, green bonds, IPO transactions to a transformation project in the US.

What work do you do in climate and sustainability specifically?
My work focuses on corporate reporting by helping to improve the quality, depth and transparency of companies’ ESG information. As auditors, we also act in the public interest to deliver independent assurance over that information by providing challenge. We collaborate with a number of specialists in areas such as carbon emissions, waste and recycling, diversity and inclusion, and cyber security. I also work with our network of member firms globally so it’s fantastic to regularly speak to a real breadth of people. It’s safe to say no two days are the same and it’s a really exciting time for our profession!

What do you like to do outside your role?
I love running, yoga and climbing mountains with my Border Collie! At Deloitte, I’m part of the North West Climate Champions Group, Pro-Manchester’s Green Economy panel and also volunteer to promote awareness of our BrightStart Apprenticeships with a view to improving social mobility.

Did you know?

All members of the A&A team receive specialist training to integrate climate risks into the core of our audit approach. Moreover, all 330,000 of our people are in the process of being trained on the impacts of climate change in a learning programme, which aims to empower them to confidently navigate their contribution by making responsible choices at home, work, and beyond.

Tackling agile working with Kelly Clark, manager

Can you tell us a little about your route to working in A&A?
I started at Deloitte as a graduate in September 2016, worked in Risk Advisory before moving over to A&A in June this year. I actually wanted to become a pro-footballer but ended up changing my mind when I started a degree in accounting and finance at Stirling University. At the time it felt like a graduate degree would have more chance of security and progression than a career in women’s football and I really enjoyed the course! But I kept playing throughout my degree.

What role does football have in your life now?
I take football very seriously; it’s a big part of my life and I love it. I play for Celtic Women’s with professional footballers whose only job is to play, so I need to treat it the same so I can be at their level. The partner and senior manager I work with make that possible for me.

How do you make juggling two big commitments work?
There’s an understanding on both sides that I take both my career and football seriously. Deloitte is flexible and you can have an honest conversation about making everything work so I often shift my hours to suit me, rather than sticking to 9-5. It’s work, football, sleep, repeat!

It sounds busy! Do you enjoy it?
I’m used to balancing everything! I sit in my training kit all day so I’m ready to go – it’s definitely non-stop but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did you know?

From flexible hours to working from home, we’re open to all sorts of different working arrangements. The conversation begins even before you join us for an interview.

A&A is about much more than just the numbers. It’s about continually asking how things are, but also, how can they be made better? It also provides the assurance that organisations’ visions are built on strong foundations, informed by relevant insights, and guided by sound decisions.

Find out more about the profession, which includes schemes spanning from school leavers to graduates to experienced professionals, here.


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